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Adelaide & Rural Salvage sets a new standard which is a far cry from the ‘traditional’ small-scale salvage yard filled with dirty piles of junk. Adelaide and Rural Salvage has an enormous range of new and used building supplies and recycled building materials that is neat, well-organised and accessible for easy browsing and selection.

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Adelaide and Rural Salvage has over 5 acres?of top quality new and recycled building and renovation materials?– including timber, floorboards, doors, windows, ply and sheet-board,?and a wide range of steel products

Why Use Recycled?

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Take a look at our full list of new and used building supplies and what we do. Our range of materials is backed up by exceptional service and advice from our friendly staff plus we offer machining, cutting to length, and finishing services. In fact, we’ll even help you load your recycled building materials and goods ready for transporting.

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Fine and Fettle

Fine and Fettle百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

59-65 Magill, Stepney
Udaberri Oak Table

Udaberri Oak Table百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

11-13 Leigh St, Adelaide
Bank Street Social

Bank Street Social百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

48 Hindley St, Adelaide
Mahogany Slab to Coffee Table

Mahogany Slab to Coffee Table百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

283 Hanson Road Wingfield
Shop at Brickworks

Shop at Brickworks百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

Torrensville SA
Henley Beach Police Station

Henley Beach Police Station百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

198 Military Rd, Henley Beach SA
Mitcham Foodland

Mitcham Foodland百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

119 Belair Rd, Torrens Park SA
Zavesti hair and body

Zavesti hair and body百姓彩票官网首页,百姓彩票下载2019安卓版手机,百姓彩票大发快三

63 Railway Tce Tailem Bend

We’re open for trading. COVID-19 info here

We’re open for trading. Our COVID-19 response read here

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