Sunday, 30 December 2012

Spin Like a Disco Ball. I Dare You.

With New Years Eve only a sleep away I've been thinking of party wear. Despite owning very little in the way of sequins I am absolutely obsessed with them at the moment. What better way to celebrate the biggest party of the year but by shining like a disco ball?? I think for a long time plus-size designers steered clear of sequins but they've definitely got a clue now because there's some great pioeces around that I am seriously pining hard for. 

Dress: Monif C

This dress is the absolute epitome of what a sequin dress should be in my books! I love this dress more than my own mother (overstatement?). It's a little pricey for me unfortunately (especially with the $40 postage to Australia) so I will have to keep crying myself to sleep over this beauty. 

Sequin leggings: ASOS Curve

These pants are crazy cute and I've seen a few fatshion bloggers rock the hell out of them. The only reason I haven't yet nabbed these is my fear of the sequins falling off between the thighs. But who knows, they may yet make it into my cart ;)

I read an article today that said the peplum is completely over-rated and "so over". Well I say "pffft" to that; I love this peplum dress and in sequins to boot. I only wish it came in my size :(

Dress: ASOS Curve

Another gorgeous dress by ASOS which I have seen a few bloggers wearing. It's a lovely fit and with beautiful details if you can afford it. I'll be hoping there's one left in my size by the time it's reduced.

Top: ASOS Curve

Another ASOS item (because ASOS is my fav in case you couldn't tell). Love the lolly-jar colour of this gorgeous peplum. If I could find a decent (and comfortable) 38/40FF strapless bra I'd be on to this one in a micro-second. Bra suggestions anyone??

Skirt: Forever21+

And last but not least is this gorgeous skirt from F21+. I'm not sure if their 3X bottoms would fit me and I've yet to take the plunge. Brittney from Born in Sequins has written a great post wearing this skirt 3-ways. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't seen it already! As you might of gathered from the name of her blog she often rocks sequins and is one of my favourite for inspiration.

What are you wearing New Years Eve? Do you wear sequins?

Leopard in Lace

Dinner with my friend today in the city led to today's OOTD being taken with the lovely Melbourne GPO as my backdrop. Today's outfit is a departure from my norm: 2 things I normally don't even try to attempt. Orange and leopard print. And in one skirt! I picked this up in the City Chic sales and I'm quite impressed. It's not tacky leopard and the orange down the sides is really on trend without being to much to scare me off.

Surprising I usually don't find maxi's that cool; they often don't breathe enough and have a sauna effect so that I'm constantly waving them around to cool off! However this skirt has side slits up to the knee so the skirt is ventilated while giving just a demure flash of skin when walking.

Paired with a simple black singlet (my favourite one that is; I have 5) and my new lace kimono-style jacket, the leopard and orange can shine.

Singlet: ASOS curve
Lace jacket: Belle Curve for Myer
Skirt: City Chic
Shoes: Target
Glasses: Sneaking Duck

You may be wondering, if you're plus size (or even standard size!) like me, how I deal with the, um, 'situation' that can arise when wearing skirts. 'Chub-rub' as its affectionately called! Well I'm defiantly a sufferer. There have been times when I have had such a bad case that I've been incapacitated for a week. That is until I found my Luvees (thanks to Lilli's post on Frocks and Frou Frou). And I 'luvee' them (ok, that was bad). They're cool thanks to the lace, with the fabric between the legs perfectly positioned to prevent chafe. And they stay up surprisingly well without being tight around the thighs.

Do you suffer chub-rub and if so how do you manage it? I'd be interested to know other people's methods, especially those who use creams.

Off to dinner I go; it's dumpling-o'clock!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Elle Curve

The Bell Elle (that's me!) Curve 

Hi and welcome to my blog! Writing a blog has been something I've wanted to do for a long time; life's short, why wait!

This will be a place to mainly share OOTD and thoughts on fashion. I love clothes and, after discovering Frocks and Frou Frou years ago, I'd love to join the awesome online community that 'fatshion' has created.

Being plus-size means that the blog will feature a lot on plus-size fashion, however I'd like to think the general theme is size-irrelevant and is about style at any size, shape and age. If we could only covet the style of those the same size as ourselves we'd have no one to lust over!

I will also probably feature other random thoughts and pics to mix it up and would love your opinions on what you'd like to see more of.

Please comment or email me anytime; I'd love to hear from you! 

Let the blogging begin...