Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Print Heaven

And now for the second pair of Evans trousers! I suppose I don't read descriptions very well when online shopping (and I don't know what materials are what anyway!) because I thought both the Evans pants were the same. However this version has no stretch and are made from a shiny material. If I'm honest I prefer the other pants (shhh, I don't want to hurt these pants feelings...), but these were still fun to wear, even if a little less comfortable.

Blouse: Country Road
Kimono shrug: Belle Curve for Myer
Shoes: Target

I decided, rather than picking a colour from the print, to go with this silk powder pink blouse. The pants have a lot of autumny colours and I like to think the pink takes me back to summer and lightens up the outfit. It's an expensive 100% silk blouse, however I barely wear it. It has cute puff sleeves that unfortunately seem to want to sit anywhere but my shoulder. I kind of get turned off a top when I look down and have what looks like a third boob sitting on my chest...

I um'ed and uh'ed between a blazer and this lace kimono shrug and in the end decided to go with a more hippie vibe which the floral print lends itself to.

I am obsessed with print pants lately! Summer does seem a strange time of the year to indulge the obsession but with all the great harem and slouch-fit pants around right now it's possible to wear pants and stay cool. Now all I need is someone to pay me to look good and I may be able to feed my addiction with some (all) of the following options...

Sequin harem trousers: Charming by Jessica Dee

Strangely I was day dreaming about sequin harem pants and damning the world for not letting me find them in my size when Jessica released these! She's just relaunched her label and she's got great style so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her. As soon as I have the money for a deposit I'll be snapping these up (please don't sell out, Jess!).

Trousers: ASOS Curve

I've loved these for a while now but I've withheld because I have a fair few slim leg print trousers. The print reminds me of the curtains of a 19th century brothel... and I love it!

Jeans: Nordstrom

Big bottom? Large thighs? Well apparently you're not allowed to wear white jeans. Pfft screw that, these are adorable!

Pants: Forever 21+

These look super comfortable and remind me of my Estelle pants, which ripped in the crotch despite being loose and too big! These could replace them very nicely...

Does anyone love print pants as much as me? Do I need aversion therapy...?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day to Night

When Evans launched its Clements Ribeiro collection last year I was obsessed with the two print trousers. I'm a sucker for patterned pants! But at £45 a pop it wasn't going to happen. They went to £20 and I um'ed and uh'ed and, unable to decide on one, again withheld. And then! £10! So finally after months and months I eagerly awaited the delivery of the heaven pants.

Following reviews on the site I sized down, and I am SO GLAD I did! And the pants? Everything I dreamed of and more. I'm really into breaking the "big girls shouldn't wear bagging clothes" rule at the moment and am loving slouchy comfortable pieces. And these pants fit the bill 10-fold.

To make me feel even better about snagging such a good deal I decided to debut the first pair of trousers in two ways to demonstrate how versatile these pants really are (its two looks in one!). So, firstly, the 'day' look...

T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Shrug: American Apparel
Shoes: Target

My car recently took its last breath and so I've been forced to find other means of transport. Which has also meant a lot of sore muscles and a bruised behind! But bike riding is very popular in my area, so at least I fit in with the hipsters!

I was heading to the pub for a casual dinner and wanted a comfortable outfit (I had to ride a bike in it!) but that also looked stylish. I love these pants with my beige over-sized shrug and flats. Braided 'milk maid' hair is currently my favourite casual hairstyle for a hot day and it fits in a helmet nicely (not to mention hair washing optional!).

And now for the 'night' option...

Singlet: Target
Shrug: Portmans

In the same way I loved these pants paired with my beige shrug, they look just as good with nude heels. A low-cut singlet and form-fitting fringed shrug dresses up the pants enough to go out dancing with friends. Polished curls don't hurt as well!

How do you transfer day-wear to night-wear?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Goodbye Body Hate, Hello Beach Fun!

So I said it was coming and here it is! The SWIMWEAR post. I knew at some point I wanted to do a post about swimwear but was surprised when the opportunity came up so quickly. To say I was nervous of these shots would be an understatement. But I feel like the message of this blog is body love not body-hide. And I can hardly preach what I don't do myself. So I got all my courage together and had my friend (her fingerprint in the second photo!) take this photos when on holiday. And I was pleasantly surprised! In fact I regret not doing a shot without the sheer dress.

Bathers: BIB for Myer

The past year or so has been crazy for plus-size swimwear. Everyone is embracing swimwear and being proud of every inch of their plus-size bodies. Even (shock horror!) their STOMACHS! Believe it or not but you're actually allowed to show some stomach without it looking like Miranda Kerr's. So I felt inspired to take the plunge myself and go two-piece. Here was the dilemma. Australia is yet to realise plus-size girls might want bikinis. I couldn't find ANY! Now I'm a big believer in online shopping don't get me wrong. But when it comes to anything that even resembles a bra I NEED to try it on or there is a high chance I will have a back-fat/side-boob/spillage situation. The only ones I thought I could risk were the GORGEOUS ones from Monif C. But unfortunately I think my boyfriend might kill me if I spent that amount of money on so little material!

I was about to give up when I saw this aztec-print tankini set. And I decided to take inspiration from all the thrifty fatshion bloggers I've been following over the years and do a little DIY. Ok I've cheated because I've only folded the the bottom up under the bust but it'll do until I can get the mother-in-law to do some permanent alteration. I love the feeling of wearing a two-piece but with the high-waist bottoms and thick band of the top I still feel completely supported. I kept the sarong on at the beach but I think I'm one step closer to going completely cover-free. And next time I'm off to the beach I'll post a dress-free post too! Wow... it feels so amazing to let go of all the body-baggage I've been lugging around for 15 years and just enjoy bathers again!

I think a lot of people would say they don't want to see people's "fat" on display but, c'mon, I don't exist to look attractive to other people.

How do you feel about plus-size bikinis?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beach Wear

As I mentioned I spent a few days holidaying last week. It was difficult to leave the ocean, sun and food but I'm revisiting the fun times with this outfit post.

Beach holidays are all about comfort and relaxation and this outfit represents that to a T. What with the sheer lace, slouch open-dress and beach hair I felt like a 70s beach hippie!

Lace dress: Seraphim Clothing
Open dress: Seraphim Clothing
Black bodycon dress (worn underneath): ASOS Curve

I've decided lace is very forgiving! While I would probably never wear an above-knee dress during the day, under lace it seems to work. Is that a cellulite dimple or just the shadow of lace? I may even consider wearing just a mini skirt and black bra under this as worn on the website... maybe next summer...

I'm looking forward to wearing the patterned maxi done up on its own but I haven't quite worked how to style it. I've already had so many compliments so I'm sure it'll become a wardrobe staple this summer and next.

Seraphim has some really chic pieces and I can't find one thing on the site I wouldn't wear. I'm particularly  fond of the chiffon cropped top and lace panel crop top which I would wear with a high-waist body con skirt. Anyone want to buy them for me...?

What's your go-to outfit this summer/winter?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Outfit... fail?

Hi all! Sorry I've been absent for a little while; I've been holidaying along the coast with a friend. Back to the real world now :(

I had an amazing time a debuted a few new looks (including two piece swimmers!). You'll see those in the next week but for now I want to show an outfit I'm not very happy with.

Pants: ASOS Curve
Top: Mink Denim for Myer
Blazer: Forever 21+
Shoes: Target

I went out with a friend for pizza and wine last week. I thought when I studied myself in the mirror that my outfit was well put together. On seeing the photos however I'm less than pleased! Don't you hate when that happens? Mirrors can be so misleading.

I like to break the so-called fashion rules for curvy girls as much as possible. So when I saw these pale pink trousers on ASOS my pear shaped plus-size booty wanted them BAD. Why should I be limited to black pants because they're "slimming" and help camouflage what my mama gave me? So into the cart these went. I've worn them only once before and thought they were alright. And when paired with this pastel top and my favourite draped blazer I thought I had a winner. However the photos... not good. The top half is OK but unfortunately the pants just aren't working. The material looks crinkled and clingy and is bulging in strange places. You might just see these up on eBay shortly. Such a shame. But don't worry. I don't take the failure of these pants as evidence that black is all my behind can enjoy. I think it's a material and cut problem... here's hoping.

Do you follow fashion rules? If so, who decides those rules?

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Pajama Suit (with a scowl...)

You're probably thinking I don't look to happy in these shots. And I am I promise! These pics were actually taken a little while ago. In fact they're the first ever pics I did for the blog. I was going for "laid-back" and "casual" but ended up more "bored" and "disinterested". After seeing these photos I had to greatly rethink my posing so that it actually represented how I felt! I've got to say its a hard thing to get used to. Especially as a plus size girl. I think it's bred into us to pose in ways that hide our bodies or show only the "good" angles. Anyway I didn't want to not show the shots because I wanted to, firstly, show you this outfit, and secondly, give some insight to the process I'm going through in creating this blog and changing the way I see my body. 

Pants: Estelle for Myer
T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Glasses: Sneaking Duck

The night these pics were taken I was heading to a BBQ at my friends place. I hadn't done my hair and wanted and outfit that looked like some effort had been put in but was comfy enough to curl up on the couch. Hence the birth of what I'm now referring to as 'the pajama suit'.

This outfit actually represents a massive change in my style over the last 12 months. Not long ago, even just for a BBQ, I would've straightened my hair, worn a full face of makeup and put on a fancy dress (which would've made me feel uncomfortable all night). Now that I'm starting to gain confidence and accept my looks I feel like less effort is needed and I can be a) more comfortable and b) as, if not more, stylish. I really feel like I'm coming into my own style wise. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy dolling myself up as much as the next girl, but I think I'm saving that for different occasions. 

I picked up both the blazer and pants in the Boxing Day sales. The pants are a lovely loose thin material that are super comfortable. And yet another awesome print to add to my massive (and ever growing) collection of printed pants! The pics don't show but the print is an amazing blue, yellow, black and white tribal-like print. They're quite loose so I'm glad I sized down. I almost wish I went one more size down actually; they're a little loose around the waist and the belt when tightened ruins the fit. However I guess the looseness adds to the pajama feel anyway. The blazer too is very oversized and light. It's almost a mix between a cardi and a blazer. Add the simple black tee and black flats and I think I've got a winner. And with minimal effort! (Also handy for those nights where one to many wines are consumed and the clothes don't make it off before bed!)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lady in Lace

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great night bringing in the new year and that this year is full of love, fun and friendship.

I went with my boy, Lee, to a friend's place for a BBQ (third in a week; I don't mind if I never see a sausage again...). I had just gotten my lace jumpsuit back from Lee's mother who was taking it up for me and couldn't wait a second longer to debut it. I felt like I was wearing PJs all night and loved the navy blue lace with my equally new apricot flowery shrug.

Jumpsuit and shrug: Dream Diva
Glasses: Sneaking Duck

I was originally wearing this outfit with nude heels but unfortunately the heel kept getting caught in the decking gaps. The wide leg trouser really need heels to lengthen the legs. Plus despite having about 20cms removed from the bottom they're still way too long and will probably have to be taken up again. A constant problem as a curvy girl! Designers seem to think the fatter you are the taller you are... and I'm only 5"6!.

Another downside of the outfit was that it probably wasn't suited to the occasion. You know, new years eve; usually more than one drink will be had... and I had to have an escort to unzip me every time I needed to pee! (which was understandably a lot!). Getting practically nude every time you need a pee is a bit of a hassle.

So while I still really love this jumpsuit (the quality and shape is very flattering) I will be rethinking where/when I wear it!

On a different note, it wouldn't be the new year without resolutions for change! And this year I made a change; no more resolutions to half my body weight, starve myself of enjoyment and work out till I'm dead. I never win the battle and it only breeds discontent and depression. So! Here's what I've got....

1) Love myself how I am. No more hating on myself and wishing I was different. It's exhausting!
2) Wear more of my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes and yet I barely wear any of it! The challenge to re-invent old pieces will hopefully keep me inspired and save some dollars!
3) Don't waste my time doing things I hate. I will never like the gym, watching sport or shoe shopping. So stop trying!
4) Do things I love for the enjoyment and not for "work". I love to draw and write, yet constantly judge my work as not good enough. When I'm not competing with myself! Enjoyment can be pay enough.

Did anyone make any new years resolutions??