Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beach Wear

As I mentioned I spent a few days holidaying last week. It was difficult to leave the ocean, sun and food but I'm revisiting the fun times with this outfit post.

Beach holidays are all about comfort and relaxation and this outfit represents that to a T. What with the sheer lace, slouch open-dress and beach hair I felt like a 70s beach hippie!

Lace dress: Seraphim Clothing
Open dress: Seraphim Clothing
Black bodycon dress (worn underneath): ASOS Curve

I've decided lace is very forgiving! While I would probably never wear an above-knee dress during the day, under lace it seems to work. Is that a cellulite dimple or just the shadow of lace? I may even consider wearing just a mini skirt and black bra under this as worn on the website... maybe next summer...

I'm looking forward to wearing the patterned maxi done up on its own but I haven't quite worked how to style it. I've already had so many compliments so I'm sure it'll become a wardrobe staple this summer and next.

Seraphim has some really chic pieces and I can't find one thing on the site I wouldn't wear. I'm particularly  fond of the chiffon cropped top and lace panel crop top which I would wear with a high-waist body con skirt. Anyone want to buy them for me...?

What's your go-to outfit this summer/winter?


  1. I am SUPER Jealous of your beach time & you look just the part!
    JD xx

  2. That's great! It looks fantastic though they were made for each other. :D

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Federica! I think everyone looks cuter on holidays! Relaxation and sunshine helps!

  4. Love this outfit !
    You look really great :)
    My go-to summer outfit has to be floral dresses with denim jackets :)

    1. Thanks Launa! I'm a sucker for anything floral. I once saw an 80s floral denim jacket in an op shop IN MY SIZE. I still cry myself to sleep knowing I didn't grab it...