Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day to Night

When Evans launched its Clements Ribeiro collection last year I was obsessed with the two print trousers. I'm a sucker for patterned pants! But at £45 a pop it wasn't going to happen. They went to £20 and I um'ed and uh'ed and, unable to decide on one, again withheld. And then! £10! So finally after months and months I eagerly awaited the delivery of the heaven pants.

Following reviews on the site I sized down, and I am SO GLAD I did! And the pants? Everything I dreamed of and more. I'm really into breaking the "big girls shouldn't wear bagging clothes" rule at the moment and am loving slouchy comfortable pieces. And these pants fit the bill 10-fold.

To make me feel even better about snagging such a good deal I decided to debut the first pair of trousers in two ways to demonstrate how versatile these pants really are (its two looks in one!). So, firstly, the 'day' look...

T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Shrug: American Apparel
Shoes: Target

My car recently took its last breath and so I've been forced to find other means of transport. Which has also meant a lot of sore muscles and a bruised behind! But bike riding is very popular in my area, so at least I fit in with the hipsters!

I was heading to the pub for a casual dinner and wanted a comfortable outfit (I had to ride a bike in it!) but that also looked stylish. I love these pants with my beige over-sized shrug and flats. Braided 'milk maid' hair is currently my favourite casual hairstyle for a hot day and it fits in a helmet nicely (not to mention hair washing optional!).

And now for the 'night' option...

Singlet: Target
Shrug: Portmans

In the same way I loved these pants paired with my beige shrug, they look just as good with nude heels. A low-cut singlet and form-fitting fringed shrug dresses up the pants enough to go out dancing with friends. Polished curls don't hurt as well!

How do you transfer day-wear to night-wear?


  1. Those trousers looks great on you!! x

    1. Thanks Callie :) I kind of wish I got 2 in case I get a hole in them; I love them so much!