Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lady in Lace

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great night bringing in the new year and that this year is full of love, fun and friendship.

I went with my boy, Lee, to a friend's place for a BBQ (third in a week; I don't mind if I never see a sausage again...). I had just gotten my lace jumpsuit back from Lee's mother who was taking it up for me and couldn't wait a second longer to debut it. I felt like I was wearing PJs all night and loved the navy blue lace with my equally new apricot flowery shrug.

Jumpsuit and shrug: Dream Diva
Glasses: Sneaking Duck

I was originally wearing this outfit with nude heels but unfortunately the heel kept getting caught in the decking gaps. The wide leg trouser really need heels to lengthen the legs. Plus despite having about 20cms removed from the bottom they're still way too long and will probably have to be taken up again. A constant problem as a curvy girl! Designers seem to think the fatter you are the taller you are... and I'm only 5"6!.

Another downside of the outfit was that it probably wasn't suited to the occasion. You know, new years eve; usually more than one drink will be had... and I had to have an escort to unzip me every time I needed to pee! (which was understandably a lot!). Getting practically nude every time you need a pee is a bit of a hassle.

So while I still really love this jumpsuit (the quality and shape is very flattering) I will be rethinking where/when I wear it!

On a different note, it wouldn't be the new year without resolutions for change! And this year I made a change; no more resolutions to half my body weight, starve myself of enjoyment and work out till I'm dead. I never win the battle and it only breeds discontent and depression. So! Here's what I've got....

1) Love myself how I am. No more hating on myself and wishing I was different. It's exhausting!
2) Wear more of my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes and yet I barely wear any of it! The challenge to re-invent old pieces will hopefully keep me inspired and save some dollars!
3) Don't waste my time doing things I hate. I will never like the gym, watching sport or shoe shopping. So stop trying!
4) Do things I love for the enjoyment and not for "work". I love to draw and write, yet constantly judge my work as not good enough. When I'm not competing with myself! Enjoyment can be pay enough.

Did anyone make any new years resolutions??

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