Thursday, 17 January 2013

Outfit... fail?

Hi all! Sorry I've been absent for a little while; I've been holidaying along the coast with a friend. Back to the real world now :(

I had an amazing time a debuted a few new looks (including two piece swimmers!). You'll see those in the next week but for now I want to show an outfit I'm not very happy with.

Pants: ASOS Curve
Top: Mink Denim for Myer
Blazer: Forever 21+
Shoes: Target

I went out with a friend for pizza and wine last week. I thought when I studied myself in the mirror that my outfit was well put together. On seeing the photos however I'm less than pleased! Don't you hate when that happens? Mirrors can be so misleading.

I like to break the so-called fashion rules for curvy girls as much as possible. So when I saw these pale pink trousers on ASOS my pear shaped plus-size booty wanted them BAD. Why should I be limited to black pants because they're "slimming" and help camouflage what my mama gave me? So into the cart these went. I've worn them only once before and thought they were alright. And when paired with this pastel top and my favourite draped blazer I thought I had a winner. However the photos... not good. The top half is OK but unfortunately the pants just aren't working. The material looks crinkled and clingy and is bulging in strange places. You might just see these up on eBay shortly. Such a shame. But don't worry. I don't take the failure of these pants as evidence that black is all my behind can enjoy. I think it's a material and cut problem... here's hoping.

Do you follow fashion rules? If so, who decides those rules?

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