Monday, 7 January 2013

The Pajama Suit (with a scowl...)

You're probably thinking I don't look to happy in these shots. And I am I promise! These pics were actually taken a little while ago. In fact they're the first ever pics I did for the blog. I was going for "laid-back" and "casual" but ended up more "bored" and "disinterested". After seeing these photos I had to greatly rethink my posing so that it actually represented how I felt! I've got to say its a hard thing to get used to. Especially as a plus size girl. I think it's bred into us to pose in ways that hide our bodies or show only the "good" angles. Anyway I didn't want to not show the shots because I wanted to, firstly, show you this outfit, and secondly, give some insight to the process I'm going through in creating this blog and changing the way I see my body. 

Pants: Estelle for Myer
T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Glasses: Sneaking Duck

The night these pics were taken I was heading to a BBQ at my friends place. I hadn't done my hair and wanted and outfit that looked like some effort had been put in but was comfy enough to curl up on the couch. Hence the birth of what I'm now referring to as 'the pajama suit'.

This outfit actually represents a massive change in my style over the last 12 months. Not long ago, even just for a BBQ, I would've straightened my hair, worn a full face of makeup and put on a fancy dress (which would've made me feel uncomfortable all night). Now that I'm starting to gain confidence and accept my looks I feel like less effort is needed and I can be a) more comfortable and b) as, if not more, stylish. I really feel like I'm coming into my own style wise. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy dolling myself up as much as the next girl, but I think I'm saving that for different occasions. 

I picked up both the blazer and pants in the Boxing Day sales. The pants are a lovely loose thin material that are super comfortable. And yet another awesome print to add to my massive (and ever growing) collection of printed pants! The pics don't show but the print is an amazing blue, yellow, black and white tribal-like print. They're quite loose so I'm glad I sized down. I almost wish I went one more size down actually; they're a little loose around the waist and the belt when tightened ruins the fit. However I guess the looseness adds to the pajama feel anyway. The blazer too is very oversized and light. It's almost a mix between a cardi and a blazer. Add the simple black tee and black flats and I think I've got a winner. And with minimal effort! (Also handy for those nights where one to many wines are consumed and the clothes don't make it off before bed!)

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  1. Hi darling, love your style!
    I also have a blog dedicated to fashion for plus size or curvy, I would love it if we followed each other... What do you think?