Saturday, 23 February 2013

Still alive... just.

I swear this weather is completely ruining my sense of style. I can't wait for this summer to be over! Putting in effort has been the last thing I've felt like doing and I've been pretty much living in shorts and t-shirts and leaving the house as little as possible. After a week of this I decided to at least put some thought into my look even if the result is still very easy and relaxed.

Dress: SWAK Designs
Shrug: Insight
Bag: Zu

I bought this dress from SWAK Designs a few weeks ago and it's becoming a fast favourite. I love the fullness of the skirt, the way the bust sits and the elastic waist that is just loose enough to be comfortable without falling down. I'm fighting temptation to buy another one (although it's now sold out) because (thank goodness) the end of summer is in sight. I quite like it paired with my slouchy cardigan in the same style it was shown on the website but it was way too hot for that. Instead I paired it with this light and breezy shrug which I originally bought from a surf shop to wear only over bathers. However I love the colours and it's relaxed fit so much I've started incorporating into my everyday wardrobe. I've paired the outfit with this casual light denim clutch. I've been neglecting all my bags lately so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more soon!

I'm heading to a 30th party tonight and am hoping to debut TWO new items to feature on the blog. However knowing me I'll be so hot and bothered by the time I get dressed I'll end up wearing the coolest most comfortable thing I can find (probably this!).

Friday, 15 February 2013

Love is in the Dress

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely valentines day whether with a date, family or friends. My boyfriend and I headed to one of my favourite restaurants and had a lovely night with great food and plenty of drinks.

It was a horrible hot and sticky day so I wasn't terribly excited to go to a lot of effort clothes wise so went for this easy ASOS Curve number. Hair up, flat shoes. That's the best I could do! Apologies for the bad photos; apparently hot weather doesn't help posing and camera work either!

Dress: ASOS Curve

I love the print of this dress so much and love how comfortable it is. Sleeves, midi length, high bust; not exactly the sexiest of valentines outfits, but it was really all about the colours. I started off with a belt because I had sized up with this dress expecting it to be tighter. I only made it to the bus stop before I was frustrated and shoved the belt unceremoniously into my clutch. It's a tad shapeless without the belt but that's kind of part of its charm.

What did everyone get up to for valentines day? Did you theme your outfit?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grammy Fashion Wrap! (and DIY!!)

Firstly I need to apologise for the long delay in an outfit post. I have hardly left the house the last week and didn't think you'd be too interested in photos of me in pyjamas and stained t-shirts! Although if you are please let me know, I have nothing to hide! I don't want this blog to be a place where I'm only seen as someone who is constantly polished and put together. Because that's completely unrealistic and I too spend about 50% of my time bumming around like a slob.

So in an attempt to not leave my blog dying from neglect I thought I'd do a Grammy Fashion Wrap! I was majorly impressed by the fashion this year; I liked more than I hated which is a change! I was also glad not to see too many strapless gowns because I was getting majorly sick of that look. Fat or skinny I actually don't think many women look good in a strapless dress or top. Anyway I digress!


Image: Glamour

Now I know many people wouldn't be a fan of this dress but I love it. It's so Adele! I know, I know, it's quite a detailed pattern and a high-neck on a plus-size girl with a decent bust on her. If you've been reading my blog you'd know how I despise rules and I reject this one too. So what if it's not as slimming as a v-neck black wrap dress (the only dress bigger girls should wear apparently)? I love the vintage vibe, the midi length and the details on the sleeves and neck. Timeless!


Dress: ASOS Curve


Image: Star Crush

I would wear this in a second! Please someone make this in my size and send it to me! Two of my favourite things right now: tapered leg jumpsuit and black and white! Love that she pulled her hair back simply as to not draw attention away from the stark contrast of the black and white. Don't love the bracelets; I think a giant ring would've lengthened the arms more.


Dress: Monif C


Image: Shoewawa

I'm in two minds on this one. I think this is exactly how the body should be shown off. In balance! No boobs, just one long tanned leg. Plenty of skin but BALANCED. I'm directing this at the just-18-year-old girls going clubbing in their underwear by the way. I think J-Lo looks great; however the high bun is just too sever and is not doing her any favours. The loose drape of this dress I think would look better with big curls gathered to one side.


Skirt: ASOS Curve

Katy Perry

Image: PopSugar

I love this colour to death!! Mint is such a cute colour and I love how Katy Perry has injected some sex appeal into it. Again, she has BALANCED the sex appeal and although it's a lot of cleavage her gown is floor-length and long sleeved. And the girl has big boobs; is she supposed to pretend she doesn't?


Dress: Simply Be

Kelly Rowland

Image: Us Weekly

There's a lot of sheer cut-outs around at the moment and I think this is another way to "show skin" but also keep some mystery. The shape of this dress is also really flattering.


Solange Knowles

Image: Devine Lee

Both of the Knowles sisters made it on to my list! I knew emerald was going to be big this year and love it in this sparkle high-split design. The shoes are not a colour I would've thought would go but it actually really works! I'm really opening up my mind on mixing colours and breaking rules. Also LOVE how she's embraced the curl and gone wild and big with her hair.


Dress: Monif C

Worst Dressed... 

OK it wouldn't be a fashion wrap without a worst dressed list! I’m all for pushing the boundaries so I don’t generally passionately hate anything. And it’s the same with these 3 dresses. However I don’t love them and I don’t really think it’s working.


Image: Digital Spy

When I first saw this one I thought I loved it. The flowers, the little capped sleeves, the fullness, the plunging neck. But on second thought I love all those things but all together in one outfit? It’s just a little too much. So close!


Remember what I said about balancing showing skin?? THIS IS THE OPPOSITE! I think she may have missed the Grammy dress code. This is so many kinds of wrong. She might have a nice body but she’d be showing it off better by… well… NOT showing so much of it. Sheer is great and very in style. This. Is. Not.


Image: Glamour

I love Kimbra! Not only is she our sister from another mother (i.e. a kiwi), she lives in my city, Melbourne. She is such an attractive talented woman and this monstrosity is detracting from how beautiful she is.

What did everyone think of the Grammy's fashion? Favourites? Disasters...?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Jeans Saga....

Let's talk JEANS! I can't help but shudder deep inside when I say the word. The search for comfortable  well-fitting and STYLISH jeans has been a struggle my WHOLE LIFE. Having a fair chunk of junk in my trunk I find jean shopping excruciating. Adding the fact that I'm plus-size only adds to my frustrations, however I'm sure jean shopping is frustrating to all shapes and sizes. So what's my problem?

1) I want stylish jeans. That doesn't really seem like a big ask does it? But finding jeans that are actually in style and in my size sometimes seems impossible. I don't care if the powers that be seem to think I should stick to "flattering", bump-hiding, hold-me-in, balance me out styles, I don't want to ever wear a damn bootleg jean until I'm old enough to have to! I wan't skinny leg and I deserve to make up my own mind as to whether I wear it or not! I also don't understand why plus size jeans have so much fabric in the crotch... Maybe it's easier to design them that way and it's assumed i'll be wearing a long top with my jeans to hide my thighs and bum. Puh-lease, I plan to TUCK TOPS IN to my jeans (god forbid!).

2) Legs or waist. I seem to have to decide between the two when looking for a good fit. As my legs are large if I want to wear a skinny or slim leg I seem to need to size-up and have a baggy waist. And while I like a belt for fashion purposes, I hate using a belt to pull in miles of extra fabric and strap my clothes to me. (P.S. Designers, the solution isn't making all jeans jeggings...).

3) Variety. I want high-waist, low-waist, prints, colours, skinny, 70's wide-leg, black, all the shades of blue, short, long, pockets, no-pockets. Standard sizes have these options. I want them too. Denying me and women my size doesn't "force us to lose weight so we can wear standard size fashion", but just forces us to spend our hard earned cash overseas (where unfortunately I don't get the option of trying anything on). Sorry Australia but you're not cutting it in the plus size industry.

With cooler weather coming I'm looking for a pair of good jeans. Luckily things are starting (SLOWLY!) to improve, however it's nowhere near where I'd like it to be! Praise goes to City Chic for at least having skinny leg and coloured jeans. Unfortunately they just aren't the right fit on my body and are baggy in the crotch and huge in the waist. To be honest the best pair of jeans I owned was about 6 years ago (and a couple sizes smaller...). The Embody Ice Queen Skinny Jeans. Oh how I loved them. But I obviously had a lot more money back then because even when on sale now I can't justify the price. But maybe I need to invest good money or I'll never get what I'm looking for?

There's no harm in a little window shopping right?

Any suggestions for me? Do you find jean shopping as frustrating as I do?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lazy Look

I have a huge wardrobe. Massive. And it might seem like I constantly wear new and exciting outfits. But like anyone I have my 'safe' outfits that I always fall back on. It's nice to know when more clothes are on the floor than in the wardrobe and I can't be bothered trying to invent a new look that there's something that suits me and my personality ready to go.

This pants and jumper combo is exactly that for me. It's simple, bright and stylish. A comfortable outfit that takes me from picnics to pub meals. I never have to think about it and I always feel good in it.

Of all the print pants I now own these remain my favourite. The print is so versatile and look great with this cute jumper, a black and white striped tee or a dressy sequin blouse.

Jumper: ASOS Curve
Pants: Belle Curve for Myer
Shoes: Target
Glasses: Che Eyewear

I find pants extremely hard to find. In order to find slim leg trousers or skinny jeans that fit my large thighs and calves they always tend to be too large around the waist. And if I have to strap pants to myself with a tight belt cutting into my organs I give up and the pants end up in the "I love these and will definitely wear these again" pile (a pile that never gets worn again...).

These pants were no exception unfortunately and after one wear had stretched just enough to be too large in the waist to wear without showing the world my baby-making machine. But I wasn't giving up! I enlisted my mother-in-law's skills and had them taken in. And so worth it!!

As for the jumper. Well c'mon surely no explanation needed. It's adorable! I think cute jumpers will be my go-to look this winter. With printed pants and a jacket there's really no-more work needed. So, dreaming of cooler days, I've been doing some window shopping on easy, casual, no-fuss outfits.

(clockwise from top left) 
Pants: Simply Be, Bag: Tilkah, Jacket: ASOS Curve
Shoes: ASOS Curve, Jumper: ASOS Curve

(clockwise from top left) 
Pants: Very, Bag: OrotonBlazer: New Look
Boots: Wittner, Jumper: ASOS Curve

What's your easy go-to look?