Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grammy Fashion Wrap! (and DIY!!)

Firstly I need to apologise for the long delay in an outfit post. I have hardly left the house the last week and didn't think you'd be too interested in photos of me in pyjamas and stained t-shirts! Although if you are please let me know, I have nothing to hide! I don't want this blog to be a place where I'm only seen as someone who is constantly polished and put together. Because that's completely unrealistic and I too spend about 50% of my time bumming around like a slob.

So in an attempt to not leave my blog dying from neglect I thought I'd do a Grammy Fashion Wrap! I was majorly impressed by the fashion this year; I liked more than I hated which is a change! I was also glad not to see too many strapless gowns because I was getting majorly sick of that look. Fat or skinny I actually don't think many women look good in a strapless dress or top. Anyway I digress!


Image: Glamour

Now I know many people wouldn't be a fan of this dress but I love it. It's so Adele! I know, I know, it's quite a detailed pattern and a high-neck on a plus-size girl with a decent bust on her. If you've been reading my blog you'd know how I despise rules and I reject this one too. So what if it's not as slimming as a v-neck black wrap dress (the only dress bigger girls should wear apparently)? I love the vintage vibe, the midi length and the details on the sleeves and neck. Timeless!


Dress: ASOS Curve


Image: Star Crush

I would wear this in a second! Please someone make this in my size and send it to me! Two of my favourite things right now: tapered leg jumpsuit and black and white! Love that she pulled her hair back simply as to not draw attention away from the stark contrast of the black and white. Don't love the bracelets; I think a giant ring would've lengthened the arms more.


Dress: Monif C


Image: Shoewawa

I'm in two minds on this one. I think this is exactly how the body should be shown off. In balance! No boobs, just one long tanned leg. Plenty of skin but BALANCED. I'm directing this at the just-18-year-old girls going clubbing in their underwear by the way. I think J-Lo looks great; however the high bun is just too sever and is not doing her any favours. The loose drape of this dress I think would look better with big curls gathered to one side.


Skirt: ASOS Curve

Katy Perry

Image: PopSugar

I love this colour to death!! Mint is such a cute colour and I love how Katy Perry has injected some sex appeal into it. Again, she has BALANCED the sex appeal and although it's a lot of cleavage her gown is floor-length and long sleeved. And the girl has big boobs; is she supposed to pretend she doesn't?


Dress: Simply Be

Kelly Rowland

Image: Us Weekly

There's a lot of sheer cut-outs around at the moment and I think this is another way to "show skin" but also keep some mystery. The shape of this dress is also really flattering.


Solange Knowles

Image: Devine Lee

Both of the Knowles sisters made it on to my list! I knew emerald was going to be big this year and love it in this sparkle high-split design. The shoes are not a colour I would've thought would go but it actually really works! I'm really opening up my mind on mixing colours and breaking rules. Also LOVE how she's embraced the curl and gone wild and big with her hair.


Dress: Monif C

Worst Dressed... 

OK it wouldn't be a fashion wrap without a worst dressed list! I’m all for pushing the boundaries so I don’t generally passionately hate anything. And it’s the same with these 3 dresses. However I don’t love them and I don’t really think it’s working.


Image: Digital Spy

When I first saw this one I thought I loved it. The flowers, the little capped sleeves, the fullness, the plunging neck. But on second thought I love all those things but all together in one outfit? It’s just a little too much. So close!


Remember what I said about balancing showing skin?? THIS IS THE OPPOSITE! I think she may have missed the Grammy dress code. This is so many kinds of wrong. She might have a nice body but she’d be showing it off better by… well… NOT showing so much of it. Sheer is great and very in style. This. Is. Not.


Image: Glamour

I love Kimbra! Not only is she our sister from another mother (i.e. a kiwi), she lives in my city, Melbourne. She is such an attractive talented woman and this monstrosity is detracting from how beautiful she is.

What did everyone think of the Grammy's fashion? Favourites? Disasters...?


  1. I love Adele's dress !
    Its so nice to not see her in black :)
    I also really like Kelly Rowlands i think it was sexy without being too much.
    I totally agree with balancing the flesh on show.
    I think there where a lot more good than bad outfits this year !
    Launa xx

  2. Oh Elyse, there isn't much more in this world that I love than a post-celebrity event fashion wrap up. So....
    -Adele: agree with you, I loved this look too. It could have been overpowering because of the bold colour, print and high neck/long sleeves, but on her it works. She's just so gorgeous anyway that I'm pretty sure she'd look good in a sack.
    -Beyonce: also agree, loved this as soon as I saw it. Look it's probably not the most flattering design for her because of her wide hips and behind, but the woman looks damn fine. Agree that the sleak ponytail works well too. I don't mind the bangles, I think they add another level of symmetry to the outfit.
    -JLo: I find this boring, mostly because it's black, has no detail, and basically just shows her (awesome) leg. However I don't hate it, and I like that she chose to show one thing and cover the rest up, yes balanced as you say. Also I like the shoes, so many people get the shoes wrong IMO. Agree about the hair, looks horrible. Why do people insist on wearing buns on the top of their head?? It looks odd and and disproportionate, yet so many women are doing it.
    -Katy Perry: Love the colour and the neckline detail, but not a huge fan of her middle parted hair. That aside one can't comment on this look without mentioning the cleavage: I have to admit that is some of the best cleavage I've seen in a long time and yes I might have perved a bit (a lot), but I think it's too much. Yes she has big boobs but they could look equally good without being so on show. For me that's a bit of a cheap shot, like comedians who use swear words or crudeness to get a laugh - too easy.
    -Kelly Rowland: I really like the design of the dress but I think there are too many sheer panels, particularly around her boobs. It just doesn't make her boobs look nice, they kinda look to squished like they're trying to escape!
    -Solange Knowles: love this. Love the contrasting colours of the dress and shoes, and whilst I love that she wore her hair naturally (because so many African/African American people don't) but I think that because the dress is so 'full', the hair is too...nah screw it, she looks awesome.

    General comments for the not so great list:
    I don't mind Ashanti's dress, with the exception of the transparent bottom half - no one wants to see your undies!
    D'Manti - WTF? Enough said. As for Kimbra I don't mind the quirky dress that much but for me her hair and makeup were hideous. She is so gorgeous but this made her look like a clown with a bad wig.


  3. I hated Katy Perry's outfit - she looks like Morticia from the Addams Family. I kinda thought her boobs just looked ridiculous.

    Beyonce looks fierce as usual and I hadn't seen Solange Knowles' outfit until now but i LOVE IT! I hope you're right about emerald being in this season - I'm all for that!

    You'll have to do an Oscars fashion wrap up in a couple of weeks! :D

  4. Adele definitely looked great in color for once! :D I didn't like Katy Perry's look though... Oh, and I LOVE that Monif C dress you posted above! So chic!!!

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