Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lazy Look

I have a huge wardrobe. Massive. And it might seem like I constantly wear new and exciting outfits. But like anyone I have my 'safe' outfits that I always fall back on. It's nice to know when more clothes are on the floor than in the wardrobe and I can't be bothered trying to invent a new look that there's something that suits me and my personality ready to go.

This pants and jumper combo is exactly that for me. It's simple, bright and stylish. A comfortable outfit that takes me from picnics to pub meals. I never have to think about it and I always feel good in it.

Of all the print pants I now own these remain my favourite. The print is so versatile and look great with this cute jumper, a black and white striped tee or a dressy sequin blouse.

Jumper: ASOS Curve
Pants: Belle Curve for Myer
Shoes: Target
Glasses: Che Eyewear

I find pants extremely hard to find. In order to find slim leg trousers or skinny jeans that fit my large thighs and calves they always tend to be too large around the waist. And if I have to strap pants to myself with a tight belt cutting into my organs I give up and the pants end up in the "I love these and will definitely wear these again" pile (a pile that never gets worn again...).

These pants were no exception unfortunately and after one wear had stretched just enough to be too large in the waist to wear without showing the world my baby-making machine. But I wasn't giving up! I enlisted my mother-in-law's skills and had them taken in. And so worth it!!

As for the jumper. Well c'mon surely no explanation needed. It's adorable! I think cute jumpers will be my go-to look this winter. With printed pants and a jacket there's really no-more work needed. So, dreaming of cooler days, I've been doing some window shopping on easy, casual, no-fuss outfits.

(clockwise from top left) 
Pants: Simply Be, Bag: Tilkah, Jacket: ASOS Curve
Shoes: ASOS Curve, Jumper: ASOS Curve

(clockwise from top left) 
Pants: Very, Bag: OrotonBlazer: New Look
Boots: Wittner, Jumper: ASOS Curve

What's your easy go-to look?