Friday, 15 February 2013

Love is in the Dress

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely valentines day whether with a date, family or friends. My boyfriend and I headed to one of my favourite restaurants and had a lovely night with great food and plenty of drinks.

It was a horrible hot and sticky day so I wasn't terribly excited to go to a lot of effort clothes wise so went for this easy ASOS Curve number. Hair up, flat shoes. That's the best I could do! Apologies for the bad photos; apparently hot weather doesn't help posing and camera work either!

Dress: ASOS Curve

I love the print of this dress so much and love how comfortable it is. Sleeves, midi length, high bust; not exactly the sexiest of valentines outfits, but it was really all about the colours. I started off with a belt because I had sized up with this dress expecting it to be tighter. I only made it to the bus stop before I was frustrated and shoved the belt unceremoniously into my clutch. It's a tad shapeless without the belt but that's kind of part of its charm.

What did everyone get up to for valentines day? Did you theme your outfit?


  1. You look lovely xx

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  2. Oh Elle - I think I might have seen you on the street in this dress - you looked AMAZE!

    1. You're kidding! That's so funny because you were the first blog I started following (years ago) and I always expect to see you shopping because we shop all the same melbourne haunts :)

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