Saturday, 23 February 2013

Still alive... just.

I swear this weather is completely ruining my sense of style. I can't wait for this summer to be over! Putting in effort has been the last thing I've felt like doing and I've been pretty much living in shorts and t-shirts and leaving the house as little as possible. After a week of this I decided to at least put some thought into my look even if the result is still very easy and relaxed.

Dress: SWAK Designs
Shrug: Insight
Bag: Zu

I bought this dress from SWAK Designs a few weeks ago and it's becoming a fast favourite. I love the fullness of the skirt, the way the bust sits and the elastic waist that is just loose enough to be comfortable without falling down. I'm fighting temptation to buy another one (although it's now sold out) because (thank goodness) the end of summer is in sight. I quite like it paired with my slouchy cardigan in the same style it was shown on the website but it was way too hot for that. Instead I paired it with this light and breezy shrug which I originally bought from a surf shop to wear only over bathers. However I love the colours and it's relaxed fit so much I've started incorporating into my everyday wardrobe. I've paired the outfit with this casual light denim clutch. I've been neglecting all my bags lately so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more soon!

I'm heading to a 30th party tonight and am hoping to debut TWO new items to feature on the blog. However knowing me I'll be so hot and bothered by the time I get dressed I'll end up wearing the coolest most comfortable thing I can find (probably this!).

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