Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Jeans Saga....

Let's talk JEANS! I can't help but shudder deep inside when I say the word. The search for comfortable  well-fitting and STYLISH jeans has been a struggle my WHOLE LIFE. Having a fair chunk of junk in my trunk I find jean shopping excruciating. Adding the fact that I'm plus-size only adds to my frustrations, however I'm sure jean shopping is frustrating to all shapes and sizes. So what's my problem?

1) I want stylish jeans. That doesn't really seem like a big ask does it? But finding jeans that are actually in style and in my size sometimes seems impossible. I don't care if the powers that be seem to think I should stick to "flattering", bump-hiding, hold-me-in, balance me out styles, I don't want to ever wear a damn bootleg jean until I'm old enough to have to! I wan't skinny leg and I deserve to make up my own mind as to whether I wear it or not! I also don't understand why plus size jeans have so much fabric in the crotch... Maybe it's easier to design them that way and it's assumed i'll be wearing a long top with my jeans to hide my thighs and bum. Puh-lease, I plan to TUCK TOPS IN to my jeans (god forbid!).

2) Legs or waist. I seem to have to decide between the two when looking for a good fit. As my legs are large if I want to wear a skinny or slim leg I seem to need to size-up and have a baggy waist. And while I like a belt for fashion purposes, I hate using a belt to pull in miles of extra fabric and strap my clothes to me. (P.S. Designers, the solution isn't making all jeans jeggings...).

3) Variety. I want high-waist, low-waist, prints, colours, skinny, 70's wide-leg, black, all the shades of blue, short, long, pockets, no-pockets. Standard sizes have these options. I want them too. Denying me and women my size doesn't "force us to lose weight so we can wear standard size fashion", but just forces us to spend our hard earned cash overseas (where unfortunately I don't get the option of trying anything on). Sorry Australia but you're not cutting it in the plus size industry.

With cooler weather coming I'm looking for a pair of good jeans. Luckily things are starting (SLOWLY!) to improve, however it's nowhere near where I'd like it to be! Praise goes to City Chic for at least having skinny leg and coloured jeans. Unfortunately they just aren't the right fit on my body and are baggy in the crotch and huge in the waist. To be honest the best pair of jeans I owned was about 6 years ago (and a couple sizes smaller...). The Embody Ice Queen Skinny Jeans. Oh how I loved them. But I obviously had a lot more money back then because even when on sale now I can't justify the price. But maybe I need to invest good money or I'll never get what I'm looking for?

There's no harm in a little window shopping right?

Any suggestions for me? Do you find jean shopping as frustrating as I do?


  1. yes! jeans are so hard to shop for! why do they all have a different fit when the tag clearly says the same size? so complicating...I do love the torrid ones, they are just so amazing, I can't buy them because shipping to europe costs way too much :/ but i hope you get them! so i can admire them on your blog! :)


  2. Embody Bella Jeans and New Look Inspire Jeans are lovely!
    You can also check on Asos, they have very cute jeans!

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