Saturday, 2 March 2013

Me in all my 'blah' glory...

Another long gap between posts. Lately I've been feeling a bit "blah" and while this doesn't make me want to stop blogging it does prevent me from getting out of my PJs and out into the world. I like to think that through life we go through phases and I'm coming out of a very social phase and into a quieter phase. I'm starting a new job next week and am looking forward to a new challenge and something to make me get out of the house and interact with other people! Once I'm into the swing of things I think I'm going to settle back into a routine.

The other day a friend said I really needed to do another post soon as it had been too long since my last. This got me thinking and I've realised that to be an honest and successful blogger (and I don't mean in terms of number of followers and page views!) that the number one person I need to blog for is ME. And that if blogging for me means doing it when it feels right for me and that that only ends up being once a week sometimes then that's what I need to do. As soon as something is forced, a "job" or something I owe to other people the "voice" of my blog will no longer be myself.

Anyway enough of my thinking out loud! I did manage to drag myself out of the house the other day and had a few pints of cider and some great food at a local beer hall. Being in my blah mood I decided on elastic waist pants and a tee. And thank goodness I did because after 2 pints and 3 courses I swear my stomach was double the size.

T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Pants: Evans
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Vintage (thrifted)

I fell in love with this tee as soon as I saw it on ASOS. It's a very 'me' type of tee; simple, comfortable but with a little detail. The sheer bottom turns what could a boring black t-shirt into a more versatile piece. I love it with my high-waisted print Evans trousers, with the print peeking through the sheerness. It could also look great with a less high waisted bottom if you're daring enough to show a peek of stomach. Looking at the photos has made me realise however that sizing up has ruined the fit a bit and the sleeve length with the looseness is not at all flattering to my upper arms. Oh well, lesson learnt!

As I'm pretty much just wearing pyjama pants and a t-shirt I tried to dress the outfit up a bit with statement 80's earrings and a high bun which shows off the pink in my hair nicely.

As I'll be starting a new job I'm excitedly arranging work-appropriate outfits in my head and am looking forward to making them reality! Stay tuned...

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  1. I love the cat watching you from the window haha. JD x