Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shop My Closet!

Hi all, if you're in Melbourne this weekend please come and visit me (and a few other Aussie Curves girls!) at the debut of A Plus Market in Preston. I will be selling a mixture of new and preloved clothes from ASOS Curve, City Chic and more. I'd love to meet you so please come and say hello. You can visit the A Plus Market facebook page here for all the details. Here's just a taste of what I'll be selling...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


This weekend has been packed full of activity, with everything happening all at once. Why does that always happen? You'll go weeks without anything until you start to wonder if you actually have friends, and then every single person you've ever met is having the party of the year on the one night! 

Tonight it was two 30th birthday parties one of which was 1920's themed and the perfect opportunity to meet this weeks Aussie Curves theme; LBD. 

A Little Black Dress is known as being many women's staple piece that is instantly classy and polished. For me? Well I'm not a huge fan. I love colour and for me black is just a little drab. Although a lot of my hesitance to embrace black is stubbornness. You know the rule? Black is slimming so if you're bigger stick to it? And you know my philosophy; fuck the rules! 

However the 1920's theme was a great opportunity to rediscover the beauty and classiness of black. I've had this dress for a while and have never known how to wear it. It's just a little too big, a little too long. But it is absolutely stunning with intricate beading and quality material. I was really contemplating selling it but I think I'll hang on to it a little longer...

 Dress: Clements Ribiero for Evans
Faux fur coat: Damn You Alexis
Tights: City Chic
Shoes: Sportsgirl

Oh and doesn't my man look dapper?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Party (Pants) Time!

Friday night my best girlfriends and I had a good old girls night. Long overdue! It was a fab night with lots of drinks, laughter and dancing. Even my seediness the next day hasn't marred what was a great night with girls I love. 

Jacket: City Chic
Pants: City Chic (still available)
Singlet: Target
Heels: Ziera

I'd been dying to wear these City Chic pants in ages and was glad of an excuse to break them out. With the vibrant colourful print paired with a sequin waterfall blazer it was the perfect party outfit. These pants tick all my boxes. They're fitted through the leg and hips showing off my curves but with the thick high waist pants and harem fit in the stomach they're comfortable and flattering. I felt amazing all night. 

I felt this outfit definitely needed heels to lengthen the legs and dress up the "happy pants". I was nervous about how I'd go (I hate discomfort!) but I did surprisingly well! These heels are from Ziera (Kumfs) which have a bit of reputation of having old lady walking shoes. But they're really bringing in some great stylish shoes. And you can't complain about a cushioned sole! 

And because I had in contact lenses and were missing my signature glasses I had to wear my fab geek glasses necklace!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This week's Aussie Curves theme is 'work'. In case you don't know Aussie Curves is an online community of size 14+ Aussie and NZ women who share their passion for fashion and challenge themselves each week to dress to a theme. This group of amazing women inspire me every day and are the reason I got my blogging groove back! So, on to the theme!

I work in a hospital and spend equal time between sitting at a desk and walking to and from wards to see patients. My number 1 requirement for work is comfort! Spending all day somewhere and having to run around here and there requires comfort over anything else. I will never be the high-heels-to-work kind of girl. I do envy those women but I just couldn't deal with the discomfort! I'm my most stressed at work so I don't need any painful emotions distracting me. However I do like to let my personal style shine at the same time. 

I decided to capture a couple of my outfits from this week. One thing that's clear from these photos is that I definitely have a preferred hairstyle for work! I high bun is quick and easy, keeps my hair off my face (and my hair out of my patient's meals, haha) and hides dirty hair brilliantly!


Fluffy jumper: Gifted (brand unknown)
Shirt: CityChic
Leggings: mLine

This is definitely a Monday morning look! It's about as close to pajamas as work clothes can get! These leggings are super thick so with a long shirt can be pulled-off at work. My view with work pants is that as long as it's paired with a shirt you can pull off anything! (business on top, party on the bottom). I love this jumper; it's snuggly and warm and makes me feel cosy all day long. 


Blazer: Forever21+
T-shirt: Nique
Trousers: CityChic

These old harem trousers have recently become a work favourite of mine. I love how they sit high on the waist without clinging to the stomach and then taper in at the ankle. I'm not a big fan of the traditional standard bootcut black work pant; it's just a bit 'been there done that' for my liking! I think my university days of working as a checkout chick have put me off them forever! The waterfall blazer is an oldie but a goodie. I generally hate blazers as I find them quite constricting on the arms and back and spend the whole day holding my next stiffly as the collar pushes into my neck. Haha uptight much? But this one is lovely and loose and always gets a compliment.


Kimono jacket: Thrifted
T-shirt: ASOS
Trousers: Thrifted

This is my newest fav work outfit loosely based on Carrie's gorgeous outfit in Sex and the City movie...

Not a great image of it but I love the high-waisted belted 80s trousers with the loose jacket. I spent hours trawling the net for the perfect paperbag style trousers with no luck. I then happened to be browsing my local Savers and on a whim decided to look at the trousers in the men's section. And I found these gems! Many would say they're unflattering and masculine but I love their vibe. With one of my vintage kimono jackets I feel amazing in this outfit.

What's your fail-safe work outfit?

Sunday, 18 August 2013


I've been sick all week but finally pulled myself off the couch today to tackle the weekly Aussie Curves challenge; Feminine. (Never mind that I never actually left the house and put my PJs back on straight after these photos...)

When I think of femininity I think of dresses and skirts. Perhaps a little old fashioned but it's still my first thought! A few years (and a whole lot more anxieties) ago I would've said feminine was definitely my style. I loved my dresses and skirts. However my style has evolved into something very different and skirts and dresses seem to have been the victim. I think the reason I liked them in the past was because I didn't think I could be "pretty" without the frill. Not to mention skirts and dresses hid all those lumpy parts. 

Now? Well my thighs and arse are still as big as ever. And I don't give a damn! Now I'm a lot closer to just wearing what I want and not what is just flattering for my size/shape. I still have some hang-ups but I'm getting so much closer to where I want to be and at least now I can feed my obsession with printed pants ;)
Don't get me wrong I still wear dresses occasionally. However usually I reserve a dress for a special night out and even then the look isn't so much feminine but sexy/edgy/bright/hipster (or something like that...).

Seeing how the whole point of the Aussie Curves challenges (at least in my mind) is to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, I figured I'd do something completely different! 
I recently scored this skirt on eBay on a whim and thought this is the perfect opportunity to debut it. My instinct with my current style is to pair it with a an oversized tee tied in to a crop with a knot and slouchy cardi. However after staring blankly into my wardrobe for 30 minutes I decided on this...

Skirt: ASOS Curve, thrifted
Lace top: Dream Diva
Cardigan: Torrid
Coat: Jibri
Shoes: Country Road
Dog: Mine (Percy)

Dusty blue floaty skirt, white lace and florals. Ticks all the lady-like boxes that's for sure! The skirt I'd never worn before, and the top and cardigan I haven't worn in years! So that in itself is an achievement. For warmth I added the old coat from Jibri. I love this coat but I do find it very difficult to style. It's unlined with short sleeves so actually adds very little warmth yet it still looks very much like a coat. 
Overall I love the look of this outfit; I felt very pretty in it and I'm glad I tried something different. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror and thinking how different I looked! It got me thinking maybe I need more girliness in my wardrobe....

What does femininity mean to you?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Why I Used to Hate Summer

As winter draws to a close here in Australia I'm suddenly faced with the prospect of heat and (gasp) bare skin. For my whole life many years I have hated summer. And for many years I have passionately stated that it's the heat I can't stand. The sweat. The discomfort. Well I live in Australia so those things can be difficult. But... I've been lying. It's not the heat or the sweat or the discomfort that make me dread summer. It's the skin-bearing-everything-on-show-can't-hide TERROR!

But I sense a changing in the wind... my confidence is increasing and as the stores start bringing out their spring/summer collections I am seeing pieces that would normally make me wince in fear and I am actually excited to give them a go. So in anticipation of picnics, beach days and icy ciders in the sun, here is my spring/summer 'once-never-would-have-gone-there-but-plan-to-this-year' wishlist!


Thighs! Knees! Cellulite! Well none of that's gone but something I'm realising is that a) I care far more about showing my legs than anyone cares about seeing them!, and b) they're legs, everyone has them, they get hot and for f sake I have every right to wear shorts like anyone else! This spring/summer I'm loving high waisted shorts. I've been trawling the net looking for the perfect pair in my size and am yet to find them. However I am planning on cutting a pair of op-shop jeans into cut offs and the lovely Charming by Jessica Dee is making a printed pair as we speak. But you'll have to wait till it's warmer to see those! In the meantime I am lusting after these styles.


Vintage denim

Vintage available at BrownBagVintage via Etsy



Those who know me know I love a good kimono shrug/jacket. Something about the slouchiness, vintage-feel and coolness is irresistable. I'd add these to my collection.


Beach cover-up


I'm thinking 90s inspired flowy prints.

In other news I am holed up on the couch with a shocking cold (not very summery I know). I have my Aussie Curves Feminine post ready to go so as soon as I can drag myself out of the house I will snap some shots. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 11 August 2013


I'm back! And after a very long delay I'm sorry. I've been in a bit of a rut fashion wise, have started a new job and am sorting out some personal things. But thanks to the Aussie Curves ladies I've been feeling far more inspired and back to myself. More on that later! For now it's time to join the Aussie Curves challenge starting off with 'Celebrate'.

Luckily this week I had a friend's 30th birthday party to celebrate and the perfect excuse to debut this dress I've been avoiding for a while. I've been a bit self conscious about my stomach but I've decided screw it! I'll wear what I want when I want. I'm stopping the internal self-hate talk! 

I loved this dress as soon as it came up on the website; the pastel 90s print, the black paneling, long sleeves perfect for winter. It's supposed to be bodycon but I sized up 2 sizes as I was being silly about my stomach but I'm actually quite happy with the fit as it falls nicely. As usual with ASOS Curve it's a bit too long for me (and A LOT longer than on the model) but it'll do. With a bright pink lip and my pink dip-dye hair I really liked the look and had quite a few compliments on the night!

Dress: ASOS Curve (on sale now!)
Shoes: Wittner
Tights: CityChic 

How do you deal with body hang-ups?