Sunday, 18 August 2013


I've been sick all week but finally pulled myself off the couch today to tackle the weekly Aussie Curves challenge; Feminine. (Never mind that I never actually left the house and put my PJs back on straight after these photos...)

When I think of femininity I think of dresses and skirts. Perhaps a little old fashioned but it's still my first thought! A few years (and a whole lot more anxieties) ago I would've said feminine was definitely my style. I loved my dresses and skirts. However my style has evolved into something very different and skirts and dresses seem to have been the victim. I think the reason I liked them in the past was because I didn't think I could be "pretty" without the frill. Not to mention skirts and dresses hid all those lumpy parts. 

Now? Well my thighs and arse are still as big as ever. And I don't give a damn! Now I'm a lot closer to just wearing what I want and not what is just flattering for my size/shape. I still have some hang-ups but I'm getting so much closer to where I want to be and at least now I can feed my obsession with printed pants ;)
Don't get me wrong I still wear dresses occasionally. However usually I reserve a dress for a special night out and even then the look isn't so much feminine but sexy/edgy/bright/hipster (or something like that...).

Seeing how the whole point of the Aussie Curves challenges (at least in my mind) is to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, I figured I'd do something completely different! 
I recently scored this skirt on eBay on a whim and thought this is the perfect opportunity to debut it. My instinct with my current style is to pair it with a an oversized tee tied in to a crop with a knot and slouchy cardi. However after staring blankly into my wardrobe for 30 minutes I decided on this...

Skirt: ASOS Curve, thrifted
Lace top: Dream Diva
Cardigan: Torrid
Coat: Jibri
Shoes: Country Road
Dog: Mine (Percy)

Dusty blue floaty skirt, white lace and florals. Ticks all the lady-like boxes that's for sure! The skirt I'd never worn before, and the top and cardigan I haven't worn in years! So that in itself is an achievement. For warmth I added the old coat from Jibri. I love this coat but I do find it very difficult to style. It's unlined with short sleeves so actually adds very little warmth yet it still looks very much like a coat. 
Overall I love the look of this outfit; I felt very pretty in it and I'm glad I tried something different. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror and thinking how different I looked! It got me thinking maybe I need more girliness in my wardrobe....

What does femininity mean to you?


  1. ahhh I love it!!!! that white lace top is pretty

    1. Thanks :) It's a great forgotten top; I'll definitely be bringing it out more this spring/summer!

  2. I love the cut of that Jibri coat! I can imagine it would b hard to style with that pattern but in a single plain colour it would b great!
    Feel better!

    1. The length can also be a little awkward but I'm trying to embrace it more because it is gorgeous!

  3. what a gorgeous feminine outfit, you look amazing!

  4. Oh! I love this outfit so much! You look so pretty!

    1. Thanks Natalie! Although the absence of sharks is definitely disappointing!