Sunday, 25 August 2013

Party (Pants) Time!

Friday night my best girlfriends and I had a good old girls night. Long overdue! It was a fab night with lots of drinks, laughter and dancing. Even my seediness the next day hasn't marred what was a great night with girls I love. 

Jacket: City Chic
Pants: City Chic (still available)
Singlet: Target
Heels: Ziera

I'd been dying to wear these City Chic pants in ages and was glad of an excuse to break them out. With the vibrant colourful print paired with a sequin waterfall blazer it was the perfect party outfit. These pants tick all my boxes. They're fitted through the leg and hips showing off my curves but with the thick high waist pants and harem fit in the stomach they're comfortable and flattering. I felt amazing all night. 

I felt this outfit definitely needed heels to lengthen the legs and dress up the "happy pants". I was nervous about how I'd go (I hate discomfort!) but I did surprisingly well! These heels are from Ziera (Kumfs) which have a bit of reputation of having old lady walking shoes. But they're really bringing in some great stylish shoes. And you can't complain about a cushioned sole! 

And because I had in contact lenses and were missing my signature glasses I had to wear my fab geek glasses necklace!