Thursday, 15 August 2013

Why I Used to Hate Summer

As winter draws to a close here in Australia I'm suddenly faced with the prospect of heat and (gasp) bare skin. For my whole life many years I have hated summer. And for many years I have passionately stated that it's the heat I can't stand. The sweat. The discomfort. Well I live in Australia so those things can be difficult. But... I've been lying. It's not the heat or the sweat or the discomfort that make me dread summer. It's the skin-bearing-everything-on-show-can't-hide TERROR!

But I sense a changing in the wind... my confidence is increasing and as the stores start bringing out their spring/summer collections I am seeing pieces that would normally make me wince in fear and I am actually excited to give them a go. So in anticipation of picnics, beach days and icy ciders in the sun, here is my spring/summer 'once-never-would-have-gone-there-but-plan-to-this-year' wishlist!


Thighs! Knees! Cellulite! Well none of that's gone but something I'm realising is that a) I care far more about showing my legs than anyone cares about seeing them!, and b) they're legs, everyone has them, they get hot and for f sake I have every right to wear shorts like anyone else! This spring/summer I'm loving high waisted shorts. I've been trawling the net looking for the perfect pair in my size and am yet to find them. However I am planning on cutting a pair of op-shop jeans into cut offs and the lovely Charming by Jessica Dee is making a printed pair as we speak. But you'll have to wait till it's warmer to see those! In the meantime I am lusting after these styles.


Vintage denim

Vintage available at BrownBagVintage via Etsy



Those who know me know I love a good kimono shrug/jacket. Something about the slouchiness, vintage-feel and coolness is irresistable. I'd add these to my collection.


Beach cover-up


I'm thinking 90s inspired flowy prints.

In other news I am holed up on the couch with a shocking cold (not very summery I know). I have my Aussie Curves Feminine post ready to go so as soon as I can drag myself out of the house I will snap some shots. Stay tuned!

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