Saturday, 28 September 2013


This week's Aussie Curves theme is 't-shirt' and I've finally gotten around to thinking something up! Around the house I live in daggy stained t-shirts but I wanted to dress one up and show how versatile a tee can be. This Full House tee is my favourite one ever and is the perfect way to inject a little of my personality into an outfit. I LOVE Full House; and I don't mean as a kid. I mean then, now and FOREVER. I have a little bit of an obsession with cheesy 80s sitcoms about kids (the original Degrassi being the all time best).

Cardigan: Target
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Heels: Target

To take this from home to out I've paired it with this bright bodycon skirt from ASOS Curve that I've NEVER worn despite having it for months. I have this skirt pulled up right under my boobs to stop it being a maxi; and I'm not even short! But I'm really happy with it worn this way with a knotted tee and oversized cardi. 

These amazing grey heels were a bargain $10 from Target and are so expensive looking. And comfortable to boot! 

How do you style a tee?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

OOTD: Crop It Like It's Hot

A look I've been coveting for a while has been cropped tops. But I had pretty much put it in the 'not for girls like me' pile and tried to move on. Except I couldn't move on. Crops are everywhere and I've been seeing them a lot of girls not dissimilar to myself. And looking awesome! Then I thought maybe I can wear whatever I damn well want and fuck anyone who disagrees. Plus I felt amazing.

Kimono: ASOS
Crop Tee: ASOS
Jeans: Thrifted

These jeans aren't particularly flattering, my tummy's large and white and my hair messy and knotty. And I love it. In fact expect a nighttime cropped look soon! Cropped tops are definitely going to be a go-to for me this summer. They're cool and comfortable and look great with anything high-waisted; jeans, maxis and pencil skirts. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is peplum. Peplums seems to be either hated or loved and strangely on this one I'm a fence-sitter. I just can't decide how I feel! In saying this I own 5 in varying forms, only one of which I regularly wear. So maybe that's telling. The thing with peplums is that they can, like women's shapes, vary greatly. It can actually be quite a challenge to find one that sits at the waist, is long enough, and provides the right tummy coverage. They're not a one size fits all item!

I've had this peplum for ages and this is the first time I've worn it. It's lovely but in seeing these photos I think it might be a tad long in the body for me. 

Peplum: Dream Diva
Skirt: ASOS Curve (remixed)
Cardigan: Unknown (old)
Heels: Ziera

This beautiful skirt is a very old one from ASOS that didn't fit. But I loved the print so much that I couldn't let go of it. And there was that small thought in the back of my mind that I might lose weight one day and then it'd fit. But this year I decided that was a very unhealthy way to live and I'm starting to sell things that don't fit and love myself today. But still this skirt remained. Luckily my very talented mother in law put in the black side panels and now I can do more than just look at it and sigh!

What's your thought on the peplum?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This weeks Aussie Curves challenge was '$50 Outfit'. Surprisingly this was extremely hard for me. Harder even that vulnerable week (which was confronting) or feminine week (which was not my style).

For the past week I've been staring into my wardrobe at a complete loss! It's not that I buy a lot of expensive clothes but I buy a lot of mid range separates that even if below $50 do not a complete outfit make. As someone who doesn't wear a lot of dresses it also meant I needed more cheaper pieces than if I just chucked on a single dress.

I don't consider myself a very good thrifter, mainly because I have no patience for rack sifting looking for the 0.00001% of vintage things that'll actually fit! But looking back at my posts I've actually shown a few thrifted items! In particular my 2nd work outfit which showcased 2 thrifts (and happened to be under $50 but alas I've already used it!). When I got that kimono shrug I also got this one. Massive score!

A couple of months ago I was OBSESSED with finding the perfect light wash super high waisted retro jeans. This pair is one of the many I picked up in that time that doesn't quite meet the mark (if only they were tighter in the legs!). But for $5 they're a steal and are really versatile.

Kimono: Thrifted
T-shirt: ASOS (bought on sale)
Jeans: Thrifted
Necklace and ring: Gifted

I wish my whole outfit could've been under $50 but I just couldn't do it as much as I tried! So my credit card and phone are in the back pocket and my jewellery was gifted. However at least that's realistic for me as the majority of my jewellery has been given to me and a lot of the time I can't be stuffed carrying a bag (hence why you rarely see me with one on the blog!).

My advice to dressing cheap?

1) If you've got the time search those op shop racks for a bargain. And don't limit yourself to one size; my kimonos and shrugs are all straight sizes but work for me.
2) Shop the sales!! It might mean buying out of season but you'll build up your wardrobe with quality pieces for pennies.
3) Try stores you'd sometimes ignore. Target, Kmart and BigW might seem a little too "convenience store" to you but you'll find great, CHEAP basics and sometimes the odd gem.
4) When forking out for pricier pieces pair with cheap items to save money on the outfit as a whole.

How do you look good on the cheap?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dressing like a 5 year old? Sign me up!

I've been sitting on these photos for a while but hasn't gotten around to writing up a post. However I'm a little stumped on this weeks Aussie Curves theme (t-shirt) so thought in the meantime I'd share this. 

The weather here in Melbourne has been very up and down lately. No wait not lately. Since the beginning of time. Luckily for Father's Day we had a lovely spring day and took my father in law out for brunch. My first instinct was to throw on a neglected maxi dress. Then I remembered these floral overalls I had lusted after for months and had finally grabbed in the ASOS sale. 

Overalls: ASOS Curve
T-shirt: Nique

I needn't of sized up but I actually like the flowy loose fit of these; perfect for warmer weather. The material is lovely and thin and print bright and summery. And I felt pretty dang cute in them ;)

Next time I'll pair with a white tee but otherwise with my glasses and milkmaid braids I love this look. I think floral print rompers and overalls will be a staple for me this summer. I realise I may look like a 5 year old. And I don't give a damn! :)

New jeans that look like... old jeans...

I had been wanting distressed jeans forever but could not justify spending money on jeans that... well, look like old, used jeans. So I bought some $4 jeans from an op-shop and set about distressing my own jeans. Very thrifty right? Boyfriend very impressed. And then ASOS Curve released polka dot print distressed jeans... perfect wash, cute print, boyfriend fit and pre-distressed.... I had no choice I tells ya! No choice at all....

Shrug: Zara
Jeans: ASOS Curve
Bag: Zu
Shoes: Melissa

Monday, 2 September 2013


The last week I haven't been feeling great about myself. 

I've worked very hard to build up my self esteem and try everyday to be body positive. I spent 25 years despising myself and saying things about myself I would NEVER say about someone else

This year I've taken a big step in moving on, stopping the self-hate and the waste of time being unhappy is. I regularly see a psychologist and try every day to stop negative self-talk before it begins. But sometimes I falter. 

This week the vultures have been circling. I've been wondering if the nice things I thought about myself were maybe not true. Maybe I'm not funny, a good friend or very stylish? When I receive a compliment I can hear the unfinished sentence in my head, "you're so pretty (for a fat girl)", "you look great today (for a fat girl)", "you have a great sense of style (FOR A FAT GIRL!!)". Inevitably I feel crap about myself and angry that I'm fat before anything else (smart, funny, kind, stylish), even if those thoughts are only my own. 

Even those of us who appear the most confident have a vulnerable side. And mine has been first and foremost this week. So what do I do? I tell myself these 4 things:

1) I am a million things before fat. 
2) I have a body just like everyone else. And that's all it is. A body. With legs, arms, skin, that gets me from place to place. 
3) The only person who's opinion on me that matters is mine. 
4) The people I truly love and care about love me back. 

And here's me. Knotted hair, comfy clothes, no shoes and fat body. A body, just like anybody else's, that keeps all the cool stuff about me safe :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

OOTD - Royal Blue and Magenta

Just a quick post to show you my outfit from the other. I'm not a big skirt wearer and although I love this royal blue one I reserve it for work. It's versatile and comfortable when you're spending the day sitting at a desk but also pretty enough that it looks like you've made at least some effort!

One of my favourite colour combinations is royal blue and magenta. They just seem to compliment each other so well. These tights from City Chic are the best I've ever owned. No small statement! They're thick, stretchy and high waisted and actually fit my thighs in them! I'm not generally a fan of coloured tights but I do like this pairing. 

And as you probably already know about me I love a good slouchy shrug or jacket. This one is super comfy for a manic Monday.

Shrug: Mika & Gala
T-shirt: City Chic
Skirt: SWAK Designs
Tights: City Chic
Shoes: Sportsgirl