Sunday, 20 October 2013


I'm only just sneaking in with this week's Aussie Curves theme of pink. I was not at all feeling inspired by the colour and spent all week avoiding figuring out an outfit. I have very few pink items but then I rethought my interpretation. As you may have noticed in those rare photos with my hair out I have pink dip dyed hair. As superficial as this statement might sound having pink put in my hair was a life turning moment for me. It represented my increase in confidence and my new found acceptance of who I am and the way I am. In the past my style, and my hair, were safe and predictable as to ensure I fitted in, didn't stand out and was as generic as possible. Having pink put in my hair was the moment I decided that I can do whatever I damn well want, so be it if I stand out. It was also the time I started taking more fashion risks and also begun to wear my glasses more. 

My outfit is very simple this week but has given me a chance to take my new 17 Sundays items out for a spin. I'm very lucky that their massive warehouse clearance is in my home city of Melbourne so I was able to go have a look and try on as much as I wanted. I ended up leaving with 8 items for just over $100 and I could've bought the whole store! The girls were just so lovely and helpful so I will be making sure I support this local label more. 

Pants: 17 Sundays

Believe it or not this is the first time I've worn a singlet in public! I'll wear bodycons and crop tops but for some reason baring my arms has been a huge hurdle for me! In fact it was originally going to be my post for Vulnerable Side. With the confidence Aussie Curves has given me I felt great with my arms out on a warm day :) Stuff anyone who doesn't want to see them. They're just ARMS. 

Do you wear much pink?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Floral Pants 2 Ways

I'm home sick at the moment so am finally getting around to posting these photos from a while ago.

There's a misconception that bright print pieces can't be worn multiple ways or achieve different looks. Jo from iCurvy has demonstrated the opposite of this in her post here. I wanted to show you these floral pants from ASOS in two ways. By simply changing the colour of the t-shirt, throwing on a different blazer/shrug and changing your accessories you can refresh the look and achieve your money's worth on one piece.

This first look uses neutral beige and black with simple earrings to achieve a more conservative look, dressing up these fun pants and making them "meeting-appropriate". I'm terrible at remembering to grab my bag when I take my photos! However this look I paired with a classic black leather tote.

Pants: ASOS Curve
T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Blazer: Marks and Spencer thrifted from Amara at A+ Market
Shoes: Wittner

This second look is a lot brighter and fresh and makes me think of spring. It's also appropriate to take from work to dinner. I absolutely fell in love with this vintage kimono shrug; it's very me and emphasises the lighter colours in the pants brightening the whole ensemble. For the weekend I'd pair this look with my tan satchel and sandals.

Pants: ASOS Curve

T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Kimono shrug/blazer: Thrifted from Lost and Found Market
Shoes: Wittner

With simple tees and thrifted blazers I am definitely making the most of my purchase!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


This week’s Aussie Curves theme is stripes. And I've been so pleased and proud to see how easily and encompassing the Aussie Curves girls have risen to the challenge. We’re well and truly crapping all over the notion that curvy girls can’t/shouldn't do stripes! If you do care about “flattering/slimming” clothes (which I don’t) I tend to think of stripes in term of Zebras. It’s hard to think that Zebras coats are made for camouflage but when they’re all together nothing stands out. 

 I myself have a couple of stripe pieces all of which don’t get much wear. And not because I don’t think they’re flattering! But because I’m more of a floral/digital print girl. I’m also not much of a monotone wearer and a lot of the stripe pieces available are black and white. 

As a fan of mixing prints I decided this week to not just don one stripe but two. Both these pieces have a navy stripe. I don’t usually follow fashion rules but one that I can’t seem to shake is the black and navy should never be worn together (thanks mum). So I always find these pieces hard to style. But by taking their common attribute and pairing them together I love the contrast! Often to pull off a great mixed print outfit it’s great to start by finding a commonality between your two pieces (in this case the navy stripe). This is definitely as businessy as I ever get at work as I’m quite a casual dresser and don’t work in a corporate environment. I wouldn’t wear this outside of work but I think it’s a great mix-up of the traditional skirt-shirt work combo. 

Shirt: Agenda Woman
Skirt: City Chic
Shoes: Sportsgirl

How do you wear stripes and do you believe in the ‘stripes are unflattering if your bigger’ rule?

Sunday, 6 October 2013


I'm very last minute with this weeks Aussie Curves theme; festival. With plans to head to the beach this weekend I put off my outfit hoping the weather would be perfect. Alas it wasn't and being the dedicated AC gal I am I powered through and did my photos anyway. And was freezing! All for the love of fashion!

I've never actually been to a festival before! It's a shame this theme wasn't in a couple weeks time when I'll be popping my festival cherry. I don't really have any interest in festivals. While I love music and dancing (and drinking) I'm a bit if a nana, and the thought of a long day of standing, dirt and sunburn turns me off. 

I imagine it's all about comfort, versatility and a certain indie vibe. For me a kimono is the ultimate festival wear; this one is heavy enough to beat summer chills (just not yesterday's). A flowy maxi skirt and cropped tee is cool and comfy for dancing the day away. And in Australian summers hair must definitely be UP and out of the way! 

Kimono: ASOS
Skirt:  Belle Curve
Tee: Seraphim Clothing
Necklace: ASOS

I've been feeling a little self conscious this week and when I wore this to a country market I could see some judgemental looks. And I won't lie. It hurt. Enough so that I changed in the car. And I so thought I was over being affected by stuff like that. But they got me on a bad day. And the "fat girls can't wear this" thoughts resurfaced. So frustrating! It's like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. And some middle aged lady in a vest gives me the scowling up and down and I hate myself again. 

Fortunately I'm getting better at removing stains. A part of this is looking at beautiful fashionable plus size women and how amazing they look and realising maybe I do too. Another is reminding myself that when I look a girl up and down most of the time i'm actually thinking "I like her top/necklace/hair", "what a great print/cut", etc. And lastly I remember that not everyone will like my style whether skinny or fat. It's not personal. It's taste. 

So here I am. Feeling better. And planning my next cropped look with some fear but not enough to stop me :)

What's your advice for festival wear? 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

OOTD: Study time

Today I started studying again since uni. It's only part-time but it's still funny to be a student again! Naturally I've been thinking a lot about outfits for class. Sitting in class all day requires first and foremost comfort. But at the same time I of course always want to look somewhat cute and chic. Here's what I wore today:

 Jumper: No idea!! Cheapie (standard sz)
                 Jeans: Dream Diva

Simple but still a little 'somethin' somethin')...