Sunday, 6 October 2013


I'm very last minute with this weeks Aussie Curves theme; festival. With plans to head to the beach this weekend I put off my outfit hoping the weather would be perfect. Alas it wasn't and being the dedicated AC gal I am I powered through and did my photos anyway. And was freezing! All for the love of fashion!

I've never actually been to a festival before! It's a shame this theme wasn't in a couple weeks time when I'll be popping my festival cherry. I don't really have any interest in festivals. While I love music and dancing (and drinking) I'm a bit if a nana, and the thought of a long day of standing, dirt and sunburn turns me off. 

I imagine it's all about comfort, versatility and a certain indie vibe. For me a kimono is the ultimate festival wear; this one is heavy enough to beat summer chills (just not yesterday's). A flowy maxi skirt and cropped tee is cool and comfy for dancing the day away. And in Australian summers hair must definitely be UP and out of the way! 

Kimono: ASOS
Skirt:  Belle Curve
Tee: Seraphim Clothing
Necklace: ASOS

I've been feeling a little self conscious this week and when I wore this to a country market I could see some judgemental looks. And I won't lie. It hurt. Enough so that I changed in the car. And I so thought I was over being affected by stuff like that. But they got me on a bad day. And the "fat girls can't wear this" thoughts resurfaced. So frustrating! It's like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. And some middle aged lady in a vest gives me the scowling up and down and I hate myself again. 

Fortunately I'm getting better at removing stains. A part of this is looking at beautiful fashionable plus size women and how amazing they look and realising maybe I do too. Another is reminding myself that when I look a girl up and down most of the time i'm actually thinking "I like her top/necklace/hair", "what a great print/cut", etc. And lastly I remember that not everyone will like my style whether skinny or fat. It's not personal. It's taste. 

So here I am. Feeling better. And planning my next cropped look with some fear but not enough to stop me :)

What's your advice for festival wear? 


  1. I love it. It's a fabulous outfit. It really is two steps forward, one back sometimes but it's worth it. And really, it's a matter of taste.

  2. I LOVE this outfit! I think you look amazing! It can be hard to dress the way you want, so many people really are judgmental and all the looks do get to you, I just try and tell myself "well, not everyone can have taste as fabulous as me" :P

  3. Love this outfit Elle, remember girl you are GORGEOUS!!! btw your hair is awesome :)

  4. You look fucking fabulous!!!!! Keep doing you cause you're wonderful! Xo

  5. I am sure the "looks" were hey that girl looks amazing!

  6. You really nailed the festival look. If I'd seen you out wearing this, I would give you a high five! Sorry to hear the bastards got you down. It happens to me sometimes too. You really do look amazing here, though. And that top bun in a spectacular!