Sunday, 20 October 2013


I'm only just sneaking in with this week's Aussie Curves theme of pink. I was not at all feeling inspired by the colour and spent all week avoiding figuring out an outfit. I have very few pink items but then I rethought my interpretation. As you may have noticed in those rare photos with my hair out I have pink dip dyed hair. As superficial as this statement might sound having pink put in my hair was a life turning moment for me. It represented my increase in confidence and my new found acceptance of who I am and the way I am. In the past my style, and my hair, were safe and predictable as to ensure I fitted in, didn't stand out and was as generic as possible. Having pink put in my hair was the moment I decided that I can do whatever I damn well want, so be it if I stand out. It was also the time I started taking more fashion risks and also begun to wear my glasses more. 

My outfit is very simple this week but has given me a chance to take my new 17 Sundays items out for a spin. I'm very lucky that their massive warehouse clearance is in my home city of Melbourne so I was able to go have a look and try on as much as I wanted. I ended up leaving with 8 items for just over $100 and I could've bought the whole store! The girls were just so lovely and helpful so I will be making sure I support this local label more. 

Pants: 17 Sundays

Believe it or not this is the first time I've worn a singlet in public! I'll wear bodycons and crop tops but for some reason baring my arms has been a huge hurdle for me! In fact it was originally going to be my post for Vulnerable Side. With the confidence Aussie Curves has given me I felt great with my arms out on a warm day :) Stuff anyone who doesn't want to see them. They're just ARMS. 

Do you wear much pink?


  1. You look fantastic! Can very much relate to the hair thing, I've been hiding with my brunette/blackish hair for years now and am contemplating a change now I'm more confident.

  2. Yay for baring arms! It might seem like no big deal to some, but to others its a big thing. You look great!!

  3. Go you! The pink in your hair is beautiful... as are you!