Sunday, 17 November 2013


I'm back after an extended break. Studying, holidays and lack of motivation overcame me and the blog slipped down on the priority list. But I'm back and feeling re-energised and promise to be more present! In the meantime, not that I plan another disappearance, you can catch up with me on instragram (@ellecurve). 

I've been sitting on these photos all week for the Aussie Curves theme of swimwear and am only just making the deadline. When I first saw them I loved them and had an amazing time on the beach enjoying the water and not covering up or caring how I looked. And then of course with time I started to falter. I began comparing my bikini body to other girl's, I started to zoom into the flaws and I tried to get feedback from everyone rather than looking to myself. 

I like to think of myself as a confident person with ever-increasing body image. I often wear edgier clothes than my skinny friends and I love trying new looks. But I still fight that internal voice and I imagine I will to the day I die. But the key is to keep trying, keep faking it and keep surrounding yourself with amazing people (hello Aussie Curvettes!). 

So here I am in all my fat, pale, bikini-clad glory! And P.S. just bought another one!

Bikini top: ASOS Curve (matching pant still available here)
High-waisted bikini bottoms: City Chic
Swim dress: Torrid 

What are your favourite beach looks? If you need some inspiration check out the Aussie Curves girls below


  1. Holy shiznit that swim dress is beautiful! You look amazing

  2. I have serious envy of your bathers, such an awesome set and look fantastic on you.
    The swim dress is gorgeous too, you look amaze balls!

  3. Looking really good chick! Good on ya for doin a full body shot im so scared of showing my thighs! You are an inspiration to so many other girls out there so if you ever doubt yourself just remember that!

  4. You look great! Love your bikini.

  5. I really, really, REALLY wish I'd grabbed this top when it was for sale. It's SO cool. Looking good lady. Welcome back.

  6. Proud of you for a million reasons and more xx JD

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