Sunday, 19 January 2014


After a brief hiatus I'm back participating in the Aussie Curves challenge of the week! I've been "busy" lying on various beaches. Check out my Instagram account for all the latest including my latest swimwear shots! (@ellecurve).

This week's theme is 'breaking the rules', something I feel I do fairly regularly. I love to mix prints, pair colours that don't normally "go" and wear things deemed "inappropriate for my size". Amongst the latter has been my favourite summer trend; the crop top. I love this trend with its 90s vibe and sneaky sexiness. Paired with high waisted bottoms it's only slightly risky and avoids being trashy. 

Crop top: Sportsgirl
Kimono: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Belle Curve for Myer (relaunched for Target)
Heels: Ziera

I chose this particular outfit for the challenge as it breaks a number of rules:

1) Crop top on my big plus size bod. Offended? Don't look.

2) Knees are out! I've slowly in the past few weeks been feeling a lot better about showing my knees. With a massive heatwave having just passed here in Melbourne I've learnt that the heat is just so much easier to handle when you don't feel like you need to have 80% of your body covered up! 

3) Top is from (shock horror!) a straight-sized store! I've always said you'll never know if you don't try and if I can fit my plus size boobs into a Sportsgirl crop than you'll probably be overwhelmed with the options you'll find in stores you've previously dismissed.

4) In the same vain as above this kimono is a 'one size fits all'. Generally this "size" infuriates me because I don't know what designers think "all" is! Size 6 to 12? What a massive limiting of your market! But don't completely dismiss these items as sometimes those pieces that are designed to be loose and flowy can be made to work. 

My advice for breaking the rules? Take small steps. Don't let other people's rules make your own. And only do as much as makes you comfortable. I'm all for people being inventive and out their with their fashion choices. But if someone isn't confident in what they wear it will outshine any amazing outfit and the look is ruined.

What's your favourite rule to shit all over?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Leather on Leather

Since seeing Gabi Fresh rocking this leather skater skirt I've been wanting to experiment with the look myself. I picked up the same skirt in navy for pennies in an ASOS sale and then it sat in my wardrobe for months while I tried desperately to figure out what to do with it. Every time I tried it on it just didn't feel right. It's the only skater skirt I own so even without being leather I was in unknown territory. It wasn't until I grabbed this pleather crop top in the Boxing Day sales that I was able to pull something together.

Having trouble pulling off leather? Just pair it with more leather and the two cancel each other out! I love the look of these two pieces together. Leather doesn't have to be rockstar or grungy. While these pieces separately could be worn that way when paired together with soft waves and this galaxy blazer the look is far softer and even feminine. Now that I've broken the seal I look forward to experimenting more with these leather beauties (and there may even be some leather pants waiting for winter in the back of my wardrobe....).

Skirt: ASOS Curve
Blazer: City Chic
Shoes (not that it matters cuz they're crap): Sportsgirl

Do you rock leather?? Share your styling tips!

A Look Back at 2013, Resolutions and My Top 5 Outfits

Happy New Year all! I've been sitting here thinking what 2013 meant to me and finding it increasingly difficult to come up with the words that will justify it. 2013 was the year I stopped the hating and began the long and hard process of learning to love myself. Love myself now. And not in -10kgs time, or after a face full of make up, or only after receiving a hard-earned compliment. 2013 was the year I took my happiness in myself into my own hands. Only I can make myself truly happy and this last year was when I started to that. 

I started a job that took into account a work-life balance so important to my physical and mental health; I began studying on my own terms and to better myself rather than because it was expected; I worked hard on the small amount of friendships that were really important to me and let go of the negative ones; and most importantly I worked hard on this blog which fed my passion for fashion and helped me every day to make steps to accept myself for all I am.

So after an amazing year full of happiness and fun (and let's not pretend otherwise, some struggles too) I'm looking forward to 2014 and thinking what new challenges I will face and what I want to achieve. I don't so much believe in "resolutions" as such because firstly, I don't think you need an excuse to change your life, and secondly, they're often unrealistic pressures that focus on changing who you are rather than your decisions. But spending this time looking back on past achievements is a good opportunity to think about my personal goals for the next year.

1. Blog, blog and BLOG. I want to not only continue blogging but up the anty with more frequent posts, a new website (anyone looking for a pro-bono web design job...?) and themed posts. Anything you want to see? Let me know!

2. Spend less money on rubbish food and eat food that makes me feel well. 2013 was generally a great year but my IBS reached an unbearable point and this year I'm really going to focus on getting this under control so I can feel as much freedom as possible in my health. 

3. Spend less and shop my own wardrobe. I think investing in a good seamstress will also give me the ability to take things I already own and mix it up. Constant shopping and new clothes is unrealistic, unsustainable and unrelatable. 

So there! No "lose 30kgs", "run 5kms every day" or "eat only salad". With happiness and contentment comes health. And health and fitness can be achieved at any size

So finally this wouldn't be a fashion blog without a look back at the year that was outfits! In no particular order here are my top 5 outfits from 2013 that have made the cut for various reasons. Some because I felt amazing, others because I received such great feedback. And also those that were out of my comfort zone. Click on the link for the original post.

Do you have any goals for 2014?