Sunday, 19 January 2014


After a brief hiatus I'm back participating in the Aussie Curves challenge of the week! I've been "busy" lying on various beaches. Check out my Instagram account for all the latest including my latest swimwear shots! (@ellecurve).

This week's theme is 'breaking the rules', something I feel I do fairly regularly. I love to mix prints, pair colours that don't normally "go" and wear things deemed "inappropriate for my size". Amongst the latter has been my favourite summer trend; the crop top. I love this trend with its 90s vibe and sneaky sexiness. Paired with high waisted bottoms it's only slightly risky and avoids being trashy. 

Crop top: Sportsgirl
Kimono: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Belle Curve for Myer (relaunched for Target)
Heels: Ziera

I chose this particular outfit for the challenge as it breaks a number of rules:

1) Crop top on my big plus size bod. Offended? Don't look.

2) Knees are out! I've slowly in the past few weeks been feeling a lot better about showing my knees. With a massive heatwave having just passed here in Melbourne I've learnt that the heat is just so much easier to handle when you don't feel like you need to have 80% of your body covered up! 

3) Top is from (shock horror!) a straight-sized store! I've always said you'll never know if you don't try and if I can fit my plus size boobs into a Sportsgirl crop than you'll probably be overwhelmed with the options you'll find in stores you've previously dismissed.

4) In the same vain as above this kimono is a 'one size fits all'. Generally this "size" infuriates me because I don't know what designers think "all" is! Size 6 to 12? What a massive limiting of your market! But don't completely dismiss these items as sometimes those pieces that are designed to be loose and flowy can be made to work. 

My advice for breaking the rules? Take small steps. Don't let other people's rules make your own. And only do as much as makes you comfortable. I'm all for people being inventive and out their with their fashion choices. But if someone isn't confident in what they wear it will outshine any amazing outfit and the look is ruined.

What's your favourite rule to shit all over?