Thursday, 2 January 2014

Leather on Leather

Since seeing Gabi Fresh rocking this leather skater skirt I've been wanting to experiment with the look myself. I picked up the same skirt in navy for pennies in an ASOS sale and then it sat in my wardrobe for months while I tried desperately to figure out what to do with it. Every time I tried it on it just didn't feel right. It's the only skater skirt I own so even without being leather I was in unknown territory. It wasn't until I grabbed this pleather crop top in the Boxing Day sales that I was able to pull something together.

Having trouble pulling off leather? Just pair it with more leather and the two cancel each other out! I love the look of these two pieces together. Leather doesn't have to be rockstar or grungy. While these pieces separately could be worn that way when paired together with soft waves and this galaxy blazer the look is far softer and even feminine. Now that I've broken the seal I look forward to experimenting more with these leather beauties (and there may even be some leather pants waiting for winter in the back of my wardrobe....).

Skirt: ASOS Curve
Blazer: City Chic
Shoes (not that it matters cuz they're crap): Sportsgirl

Do you rock leather?? Share your styling tips!


  1. Hi :)
    I love reading your blog and wanted to let you know
    I nominated you for a liebster blog award :)
    Launa | Life As Launa

  2. I love leather skirts! I have one pencil skirt from asos (ASOS CURVE Exclusive Pencil Skirt In Leather) its beautiful and so soft. I wear it with simple t-shirt tuck inside for casual look or with print semi sheer vintage style shirt. I want to buy the one you have as it is on big sale now. Can you please tell me does it run true to size? How do you find it?
    I would never think about wearing a crop top with skater skirt but it looks so good on You and You look simply great and so fashion foreword and makes me feel kinda envy and kinda want to try this combination.

  3. lovely skirt, and I really think that blazer is magical. :D

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